E-Learning Infrastructure

The E-Learning Deanship for eLearning has designed and deployed a world-class technology platform to support eLearning and eKnowledge processes at KKU. Students, faculty, and administrators achieve authorized/authenticated access through the center portal to a robust, fully integratedLearning Management System (LMS) and supporting applications and knowledge resources. This LMS extracts data from the Student Information Systems (SIS), and in the future the KKU library, and Blackboard’s e-Portfolio.

It also is supported by the Classroom Capture Application, Authoring Tools, e-Assessments, Virtual Classroom Tools, and a highly capableLearning Object Repository (LOR) that can share learning objects drawn from a variety of international open learning resources and content providers.

The Learning Management System
The LMS is used to offer the courses and facilitate administering the educational process with the different features that make the process and the experience simple and rich. Blackboard was chosen for its high efficiency and simplified user experience in addition to proven success with a huge user base of tens of millions.
The Learning Management System in KKU is simply a website that is accessible anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Available electronic systems and tools :

System Description More Info
Learning Management System
The central component in the eLearning platform of KKU. Used to offer courses, and manage content and users. - See references and help materials.
- Get training.
- Contact your eLearning specialist or the support team.
Electronic Testing
Class Recording
Questionmark is an electronic testing application with great features.  
This application enables faculty members to record their classes in video and offer them on the course site. Tegrity is integrated with Bb.  
Virtual Classroom
Learning objects Repository
Enables video communication between participants in realtime. Sessions can be recorded for future review.  
Students Mail
Mail and collaboration tools for all KKU students. User name: University ID.
Password: National ID.
(Bb ePortfolio)
An ePortfolio (special web space designed to hold information, experience, and work documentation) for all faculty members and students.  
Learning objects Repository
Offers a modern mechanism for storing and sharing digital content. The system will be connected to the national LOR and other international repositories.