His Excellency the Rector,

His Excellency the Rector, launches a number of e-learning initiatives

His Excellency, Prof. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al Solami, the Director of King Khalid University, launched the KKU Educational platform Initiative "KKUx'', which is a qualitative initiative at the university level. Moreover, the initiative is in line with the aspirations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to contribute to providing science and learning opportunities for all and giving users the necessary skills to enable them to achieve their objectives. The initiative contributes effectively in providing the most important skills for the future jobs with a high-quality, international content that will benefit the future job seeker or anyone who wants to develop his/her skills. The opening ceremony began with an introductory video about KKU initiative submitted by the Deanship of e-learning. The Dean of e-learning Deanship, Dr. Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Ahmari, gave an overview of the initiative, in which he explained that the university is achieving clear and tangible achievements in the fields of e-learning. He said, "The KKU initiative is one of the specific initiatives at the university level".

After that, there was a launch of "Tazamn" platform and the launch of "Lightboard" technology as part of the creative solutions to develop and facilitate e-learning process. The Vice-Dean of the e-learning Deanship submitted a presentation on this new technology.

The Director of the University also expressed his happiness with the services he witnessed and the modern technical means in the Deanship, praising the efforts of the employees. He said, "I am pleased with the educational services and initiatives offered by this Deanship to the University in all its branches and employees." Noting that the university administration will not hesitate to provide full support to the Deanship for the advancement of the educational process. He added, "Depending on what I have noticed of services provided by the Deanship of e-Learning, I am looking forward to achieving distinguished position at the level of local and international universities, and we, at King Khalid University, are concentrated intensively our aspirations and our future plans in the side of e-learning, which will contribute to the success of the University by virtue of the number of students and the number of branches".

At the end of the visit, the Deanship of e-Learning honored success partners and distinctive colleges in applying e-learning at the university.