University Accepts Invitation to

University Accepts Invitation to Prestigious QM Conference

The Deanship of e-Learning has received an invitation to participate in a conference organized by Quality Matters (QM), an international quality organization located in the United States.

QM is a non-profit organization dedicated to well-conceived, well-designed, well-presented courses and programs. QM analyzes and facilitates reviews of its members' e-learning courses. QM also proffers recommendations for improvements and provides certification for courses thathave passed a rigorous review process. The invitation and subsequent reception was conducted in the United States at a QM venue.

QM’s International Executive Director received the delegation from King Khalid University. The university reviewed its cutting-edge learning technologies with the representatives of QM. Dean of e-Learning, Dr. Fahad Al-Ahmari, explained that our university’s extensive experience in developing and managing e-courses was shared with QM to the mutual benefit of both organizations. The invitation was attended by Vice Dean of e-Learning, Dr. Adel Khamesh, QM Department Director, Abdullah Zubain, and Dr. Amir Kessentini, Faculty of Engineering QM expert.

King Khalid University is the first educational institution in the Middle East to partner with QM. Commencing in 2010, King Khalid University has developed more than 130 e-courses. All of these courses were developed in accordance with the latest quality standards in higher education. In addition, close to 50 courses have received QM model course recognition by the same number of duly certified internal reviewers. Of note, more than six hundred educators have been trained in the discipline of developing e-courses and ensuring compliance with the QM Rubric.