Virtual Classes

Will conducting simultaneous lectures be mandatory or is it okay to do it recorded?
There is nothing wrong with that, but it is preferable to have direct communication with students through virtual classroom system.

I am creating a new virtual lecture but I had a problem that I cannot adjust the time and date when creating, what is the solution?
We recommend you to erase your browser data & history from the browser settings at the top of the page or to move and use another browser.

How can I share  in the virtual lecture if I have multiple sections in the same course?

Dear faculty member, you can share the virtual class for more than one section through the session type option on the default class creation page and choose the session type (shared).

Sometimes I may encounter the problem of slow entry to the default classroom, what is the solution?
We advise you to check your network and in case it is excellent it is better to use another browser and try again.
After completing the virtual lecture in the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, how can I access the recorded lectures later? 
Dear faculty member, you can access the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra link, then go to the menu icon and open the recorded sessions.
How can I get a list of attendees in the virtual class Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?
To get the names of students in the virtual class in the ultra-system, after the end of the lecture and exit from it we find beside the name of the virtual lecture a session options button we choose from the drop-down list view reports which opens a page that contains all the names of students who attended the virtual lecture and the time they spent attending the lecture and other details , And you can download the file to your computer and print it from the printable button to the right of the page.
How can I change the default language in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?
Dear faculty member, you can change the language through the control panel of your course and then open the customization icon and from there Choose properties from dropdown list and within the properties page you will find the language bundle and from the dropdown menu for languages ​​choose Arabic only, then send.
Is there an alternative solution if it refuses to share applications like PowerPoint in the default classroom?
Yes you can share the desktop and view files or applications directly from the desktop of your device.
How long does it take for a recorded lecture to appear and to be available for students?
The appearance of the recorded virtual class depends on the network speed and also on the duration of the lecture in the virtual class. The longer it takes, the more time for it to appear on the recordings page and vice versa.
How can I make sure that the voice in the virtual classroom is clear and heard by students?
Before starting the virtual session, test the sound through the settings, choose the video and microphone settings, then the sound and microphone settings will be tested.
How can I view a video during the live lecture?
Dear faculty member, you can share the presentation of a video during the virtual lecture by sharing applications and choosing the pre-open video player program or sharing the desktop.


Is there an Arabic version for Zoom?
Not yet
Is it possible to have more than one section in Zoom?
Yes, by copying the session link and then sending it as an announcement to the people you want to include in the session.
Is it the same lecture time or an hour before it?
You can create the session at your convenience, but it is only available at the time specified in the session settings.
Is it possible to mute the attendees from within the session?
Yes, by clicking on the word Participants and then Mute All from within the session.
Can the lecture be recorded?
Yes, there is a recording icon within the session. From the beginning, you can set up the session for an automatic recording.
What is alternative Hst?
An alternate host can manage the session or perform the session on your behalf.
Does Zoom send the recorded lecture?
You have the choice of either downloading the recording to the program or downloading it to your device and uploading it as a file in the lectures.
Can the pdf file be uploaded during session setup so that when session opened it I will find the file uploaded to the session and ready?
It's not possible
Should recording be stopped manually after completion, or will the recording be stopped at the end of the session?
Once the session is closed, recording is automatically stopped.
Can the registration be added to a second section?
Yes, by either downloading the session to your device and sending a file to the second section, or copying and sending the registration link.
How can I return back to the recorded lecture if it was uploaded to the cloud?

By clicking on the Cloud Recording icon located in Zoom
If I did not choose to start automatic recording, I entered and then started recording, where is the recording saved?
When you start recording, it will give you two options, either to download the recording to your computer or to the Cloud, and by choosing, the recording will be saved in the specified location.
Do students have to download the program?
It can be accessed from the browser, but it is better to download the program.
Can a student join a Zoom session without registering on the site?
When sharing a PowerPoint file, should the file be opened or closed?
It must be open.
Is it necessary to record a session for each section independently?
No, it is enough to record it in one section and then copy the recorded one to the rest of the sections.
Is it possible to open a video with another file?
No, you can share one video until it is over and then share the other video.
How to create a session link to share with other people?
After the session creation is complete, a link will be copied and sent.
Should a link be sent to students?
Just make an announcement and the link will be reached by logging into the Zoom.
Can chat be opened with desktop sharing so students ’inquiries can be tracked?
Yes, after desktop sharing is done, from the top menus click on the three dots and then choose chat.
Is it possible to stop chat for students?
Yes, from the chat window, you  click on it, then from the three-point mark in the chat, meaning more, no one is chosen, but it is not recommended to stop the chat.
-  Is there individual control over students - voice sharing?
Yes, from the Participants menu you will see subscriber name , click to control the student's individual voice validity.

Can the session recording file be downloaded and sent to the lecture list?
Yes, by either downloading the session to your device and sending it as a file, or copying and sending the recorded link.


How do I create an electronic exam correctly?
To create an online test on your course, follow these steps:
    - Open the content area, the learning unit, the lesson plan or the folder.
    - On the toolbar, click Assignments to access the drop-down menu, then
Select test.
    - On the Create Test page, select from the available list, Create a New Test.
    - From the test options page you can change the name and set options.
    - The test will not be available to students by default, but you can publish the test to students    by choosing Yes.
    - Click Submit to show you the test link in the content area.
Can I copy the test from one section to another?
Yes, dear faculty member, you can copy the same test from one section to another by going to the course tools in the first section, then tests, surveys and pools and from the arrow next to the name of the test a drop-down menu appears for you. Choose Export to a local computer. The test will be saved as a zip file on your device (Never open it),
NOW, Go to the other section that you want to copy the test to, then open the tests, surveys and pools  located in the course tools and from the toolbar choose to import a test then choose a review from the computer and choose the zip file that you saved previously, then click OK.
How can I set a specific time for the electronic test?

Dear faculty member, you can set a timer for the electronic test by opening the test options from the arrow next to the name of the test, then from the timer, set the time in minutes (for example 20 minutes).
How can I assign an assignment or test for a specific number of students, not all students?
From the arrow next to the name of the test you open the drop-down menu and choose a custom version, and from the custom version page we go to the membership part and from the Browse button we choose the name of the student or students to be assigned the test for them, then send.
How can I reduce fraud in the electronic test?
You can do an electronic test by making a random block and re-using it in the test, as well as by modifying and using many beneficial Test Options.
When I create a test version for a specific number of female students and click on the Browse button, the list of female student names does not appear. What should I do?
Dear faculty member, we suggest searching for specific students by writing the university number for each student for whom you want to publish this test.

Grade Center

I had a problem of grades appearing with the word “undefined” in the full grade center, what is the solution?
We recommend you to erase your browser data from the browser settings at the top of the page or to move and use another browser.

I created a new test and do not want it to be included in the total because it is intended for specific students?
Modify the total options so that this column does not count.
When determining the due date, how can grades be evaluated?
Click on "Grade Attempts", then when opening attempts, click on "Save and Move to Next" and automatic monitoring will be done.
How can I prepare a report on the time taken for each student while taking the exam?
From the column whose details you want to report, the arrow is clicked next to the column name, then view all attempt