Course Development

With full support of the Rector Prof. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Dawod, E-Learning Deanship started new project to develop electronic courses and integrate them within a digital electronic library to include electronic courses developed to help faculty members to take advantage of the content in the educational process. The courses developed with high quality based on international quality standards (QM) and all are compatible with the study plan followed in sections and colleges.
Developing process takes one semester and with professional specialized team. We have developed many courses.

eCourses Development Team at E-Learning Deanship
Vision: Electronically developed course is the best option at the level of courses in general.
Mission: Provide a developed course with high-quality consistent with the needs and demand of the community both inside and outside the university.
1 - Solving the problems of building full online course, which requires more time and effort.
2 - Designing a unique electronic course in terms of content and electronic lectures to serve the faculty member and student alike.
3 - Sharing content inside and outside the university through the public channels available.