Success Stories

Through the Teaching Online Experiences of faculty members, we would like to present some of these experiences as success stories.
These videos recorded by E-Learning Deanship.

Dr. Dr Ahlullah Siddiqui  - Faculty of Languages and Translation

I am very thankful to the E-learning deanship for its impeccable services throughout the semester . In particular at this hour of huge crisis , it acted as a bridge to fathom the educational need of one and all , providing tools and absolute guidance in successful completion of the semester .

Dr. Dr.S Paul Silvian - College of Applied Medical Sciences

I personally feel the training and resources provided by the E-learning team was very effective and fruitful to me and our college to fulfill all the mandate needs of the university.

Dr. Dr Rahmath Ulla Baig - College of Engineering

I converted my online learning (Black Board) experience to white board (regular class) experience. Students enjoyed it and most importantly never stopped learning. Successful in teaching difficult mathematical concepts of engineering using a live video of write up. Thanks to Black Board for having to share computer screen tab and thanks to DroidCam.

Dr. Mohammad Mahtab Alam - College of Applied Medical Science

(1) Everyday we were receiving complain about the score by students in online examination. So we have decided to conduct our exam through pools. I personally made 150 questions in pool and then conducted exam by 20 questions. Surprisingly after exam no students secured full marks. Distribution of grades are exactly uniformally distributed. I shared my experience with my colleagues and then implemented pool for all remaining exam in our college. It needs hard work but very effective to control copy from each others. [Pool is one of the most effective tools to conduct exam]. (2) It was very irritating to take same lecture for different section with same contents. After a week we are able to know the merge option of lecture is possible with the help of Blackboard Collaborate. Then for a trial i personally used this option in my lecture and then i have conducted a training for our colleagues. After that most of our colleagues are using merge option during lecture for two or more sections. [Make your task easy by smart thinking].