Before using Blackboard 
KKU’s Learning Management System - Blackboard, can be accessed on-campus or off-campus using only a computer with Internet access. It is recommended that Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher be used. 
What are my Username & Password? 
Your username and password are the same as those you use for the admission and registration website. 
- Your username is: your University ID. 
- Your password is: your National ID number. 
Please note that your password is your responsibility and you should not share it with anyone. If you face any problem with your password please contact the Admission and Registration Deanship. 
To login to the Blackboard, follow the steps below: 
1- Go to the eLearning Deanship website. 
2- Click the Blackboard link. Also you can access the Blackboard system directly at 
3- On the new screen, Enter your username and password in the provided places inside the “Login Here” block and click the “Login” button. 
Note: you can change the interface language by selecting your preferred language from the list provided inside the “Choose a Language Pack” block and clicking the “Go” button. 
My eMail address and Personal Information 
It is preferred that you have your own personal eMail address so that you can get announcements and notifications from your teachers and the eLearning Center. 
In order to add or change your eMail address or any of your personal information, follow the steps below: 
1- Login to the System using your username and password 
2- Go to the “Home” tab. 
3- From the “Tools” list in the left side bar, click on “Personal Information”. 
4- Now you can click on any of the options provided and change the information listed under it. 
Using the System Blackboard is very easy to use. Once you are logged in to the System, please feel free to explore all the options.