The eLearning Deanship at King Khalid University

The eLearning Deanship  (ELD) at King Khalid University was established in the year 1426 H as part of the continuous University efforts to provide the latest scientific methodologies to improve the educational process. Since then the eLearning Center has performed various activities and roles and had many experiences in deploying technology in education and developing skills and abilities of the University employees.

Today, the eLearning Deanship is relaunching its services after considerable efforts of planning and preparations for a new phase in which eLearning in KKU is intended to be taken to a new level of integration and completeness.

KKU’s vision for eLearning is simply put as "KKU’s people are empowered to fulfil their changing needs and aspirations through using embedded eLearning". 

KKU’s mission for eLearning is to enable KKU to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction of learning.

And the value propositions achieved by eLearning at KKU will include: 
   - Seamless integration of eKnowledge/eLearning platforms
   - Sharing and reusability of content and best practices
   - Flexibility,
   - Consistency,
   - Simplicity, 
   - Enhanced learning and sharing at reduced costs and 
   - Equal opportunity and even quality.

As part of the strategic plan for eLearning in KKU, the following goals have been set according to the vision and needs, and the deanship will work to enable people, and the institution, and activate good practices in order to achieve these goals: 
- Goal #1: Establish “eLearning for Everyone,”
- Goal #2: Empower KKU Faculty to Utilize eKnowledge Resources,
- Goal #3: Leverage eLearning to Mitigate Institutional “Pain-Points,”
- Goal #4: Establish partnerships with leading international universities, and
- Goal #5: Advance Innovation and Entrepreneurship.