Quality Matters

Quality Department :

Quality department at e-learning deanship (King Khalid University) established in the latter part of the year 1431 (2010), the main task of this department is to raise the awareness of quality in e-learning, especially the quality of e-courses to achieve the standards and to get the accreditation, while at the same time to promote best practices and stimulate innovation and excellence in teaching and learning online.
In addition, the quality department also works at the level of e-learning program by measuring performance and improvement efforts of the initiative.

To enable faculty member at King Khalid University to design high quality eCourse.

To promote and improve the quality of online education and student learning.

1- Train faculty members on how to apply e-courses standards of quality.
 2- Create and implement the accreditation process of the e-courses quality.
 3- Measure the efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction for e-learning.
 4- Identify gaps and development opportunities in e-learning program and launch appropriate projects to fill gaps and take advantage of the opportunities for improvement.

Contact QM Team: QM@ekku.edu.sa