Excellence Award for e-learning in Higher Education 2013 & 2015:
The excellence award in university e-learning stands for the discovery of creativity sources in the usage of education and information technologies in the universities.
Award Branch for Universities :

Award Branch for Individuals :

Award of Exellence e-Course 2009 :
Many Arabian Gulf States have started to offer e-learning centers at universities and secondary schools to facilitate accessibility to learning and to utilize technology effectively. Hence, the idea to launch an award of excellence in offering and designing e-courses came up to achieve academic excellence and the following objectives: Create an environment of competition to design e-courses Disseminate awareness of e-culture To enhance all efforts to integrate technology in designing academic courses To encourage all individuals involved in e-learning to be creative and innovative To create an environment of cooperation among all participants To develop evaluative skills to achieve quality and excellence in elearning The Award was proposed to the Sixth Meeting for e-Learning Officials at the Universities of the GCC States in order to achieve these goals. King Khalid University was the only Saudi university to receive two awards in this competition . These awards come as a result to the university's effort in developing the facilities skills to adjust to the latest techniques and knowledge and to achieve the quality standards in education to simplify the existing digital age today .

At the level of KKU University, ELD Website got the 1st Position 2016:
The website of e Learning Deanship got the 1st position at the level of King Khalid University. The General Directory of Information Technology announced the results after they finished the assessments which were based on international standards.  

ELD achieves the Digital Excellence, Award from Ministry of Communications & IT 2016 :
The King Khalid University (KKU) represented by the Deanship of e-learning has made a new and distinct achievement at the level of science and technology sites in Saudi Arabia sectors. The Deanship has obtained the Digital Excellence Award, which is organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology at its sixth session in (1437 AH). His Excellency the King Khalid University President Prof. Falah bin Raja Allah Al Solamy received the award from His Excellency the Chief of the Communications and Information Technology Commission Dr. Abdulaziz bin Salem Al Ruwais, on behalf of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology.